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Restoration Along Your Stream Can Matter

Whatcom County is a unique and beautiful place. With stunning views of baker, acres of farmland and forests, and a thriving community, it is no wonder so many people and animals call it home. All five species of Pacific salmon can be found among its many streams, creeks, and rivers providing cultural, economic, & ecological services. However, those salmon are at a fraction of their historic levels. We at Whatcom Conservation District are working with people across the county to help restore critical salmon habitat.

The benefits of stream habitat restoration go beyond salmon. As salmon populations increase, other animals dependent on them, like our Endangered Southern Resident Orcas also benefit. Our crops, trees, and soils have more nutrients. Water quality is increased, as stream plantings filter water. That buffer of trees also provides a land owner with enhanced streambank stabilization, flooding reduction, protection from noise and wind, and more! Some of Whatcom Conservation District's programs even pay rent to the landowner for the acreage placed into conservation!

Whatcom Conservation Districts offers several different programs to assist landowners with implementing stream buffers on their property. We provide free technical assistance, planning, plants, funding for labor, and more! Learn more about Whatcom Conservation District's stream restoration programs on our website. Schedule a free consultation with one of our habitat restoration specialists today, if you are interested in planting a stream buffer on your property today!

This project was funded by the Washington State Conservation Commission.

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