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Forestry Resources

Trees for Resilience Toolkit


A Toolkit to Grow Tree Canopy and Forests for Puget Sound Communities


Trees for Resilience is a compendium of local and national research, case studies, and resources specially curated to help regional decision-makers, planners, and managers integrate urban forests and tree canopy into the fabric of the community for greater livability and resilience. Explore the site to gather resources, models and ideas of how your community can enhance and grow the impact of your urban forests, sustain projects and programs, and improve health and resilience for all.

WSU Cooperative Extension


WSU Cooperative Extension provides courses and assistance in developing forest management plans and information on a wide range of forestry topics for small forest landowners.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service


NRCS provides financial assistance to forest land owners through EQIP and other programs.

Firewise Communities


Firewise Communities provides information about wildfire protection for rural homeowners.

Whatcom County Assessor


Whatcom County Assessor provides information about open space and forest land taxation.

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