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Woman Taking Water Sample

Water Quality

Community solutions for clean water

We all rely on clean, fresh water for drinking, productive farmland, healthy fisheries, recreation and more. The rivers, streams, and ditches that run through Whatcom County provide a vital resource to our communities and contribute to the health of people, livestock, wildlife, fish and shellfish living in our watersheds. The health of our watersheds, and their viability for future generations begins with each of us. Scroll through our Story Map to learn more!

Please note that the online location of the water quality map changed on July 1, 2023. If you bookmarked this site prior to this date, the link will no longer direct you to the most updated version of this map.

What is the health of your watershed?


Whatcom County Public Works coordinates a routine water quality monitoring program at a fixed-network of approximately 90 sites around the county.  Additional sampling is conducted in focus areas where elevated fecal coliform levels have been seen consistently and water quality improvement programs are being implemented. These results are displayed on the map above and summarized monthly. Find your watershed here!

Meg & Dakota Taking Water Sample
Improving water quality means working together.


At the Whatcom Conservation District, we work with governmental, non-profit, and tribal partners. Check out the links below to see what these partners are doing to improve water quality in our communities:

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