Our Vision 

Whatcom County shall have healthy soils, water, and air while maintaining sustainable, profitable and productive agriculture, fisheries, and other natural resource-based industries. The District shall be acknowledged as the independent and trusted agency of choice for leadership in the conservation, protection, and stewardship of natural resources.


Our Values

To serve all the people of Whatcom County (rural, urban and suburban) by providing the highest quality of technical assistance and education on the application of best management practices.


The development and application of best management practices that protect natural resources and promote sustainable use of those resources, ensuring their availability to future generations.


To achieve stewardship of natural resources, promote a voluntary incentive-based program as the preferred alternative to one where regulation and coercion are the primary motivating forces.


We believe that principles of conservation and agriculture should be included in K-12 education.



Conservation Districts were formed on a national level following the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, which brought attention to the need to conserve natural resources, particularly soil. A model Conservation District Law was developed in 1937 under the leadership of President Roosevelt with a goal of creating local leadership to coordinate the conservation efforts of various entities and tailor them to meet local conditions and priorities.

This idea was hugely successful and today nearly 3,000 Conservation Districts across the US work with local landowners and residents to develop solutions to local resource concerns.

Our Mission

Whatcom Conservation District's mission is to assist land managers with their conservation choices.

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