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Orca Recovery Day

This regional day of action aims to improve conditions for the critically endangered Southern Resident Orca Whales. With just over 70 individuals left, we must act now if we’re going to save the most iconic species of the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for another amazing Orca Recovery Day!

The 6th Annual Orca Recovery Day was October 14th, 2023. Check out our latest news for a re-cap and photos of the event!

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Four people gather around an inflatable orca smiling. One holds a shovel, all are wearing gloves. Behind them are newly planted saplings in blue protection tubes.

Thank you to our Orca Recovery Day Partners!

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Why Are Southern Resident Orcas in Decline?

  • They don't have enough food. Chinook salmon make up 80% of a Southern Resident orca’s diet, and they are also endangered due to habitat loss, climate change, and increased pollution. 

  • Contaminants in the water and their food decrease their health and make it harder for their calves to survive.

  • Vessel noise and disturbance makes it harder for them to communicate and use echolocation to find their food.

Salmon swimming up fish ladder
Volunteer holds blown up orca in behind newly planted seedling at Orca Recovery Day 2022. Behind the volunteer is a farm, grasses, and newly planted plants.

What You Can Do

There’s strength in numbers. With all of us working together, there’s still time to save our orcas. You can plant native shrubs and trees, collect trash along roads and beaches, or expand your green space outside your office building- anything that makes the environment better than how you found it. You can also bring awareness by using the hashtag #OrcaRecoveryDay and donating to organizations that are helping with the cause.

Check out past Orca Recovery Day Events!

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