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Good drainage is one of the most fundamental needs for agriculture in Whatcom County.  Soils here are among the most fertile and productive in the world when they are well managed.  Due to high annual precipitation rates and high water tables many of these productive soils become worthless if drainage infrastructure is unmaintained. 
Drainage Maintenance is not as simple as what it was in the past but it is still as important.  If appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) are used and laws providing protection to other natural resources are followed then drainage maintenance can be implemented when needed.  This page provides information for landowners and for Special Districts charged with maintaining agricultural drainage in Whatcom County.

However even when appropriate BMPs are implemented drainage maintenance will still have negative impacts to the aquatic environment.  These impacts should be considered when contemplating work needs and the potential benefits.  Click here for more information on Drainage Related Environmental Impacts (DMG p6-8).


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