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Administration & Finance

Brandy Reed

Brandy Reed

District Manager

Brandy Reed recently joined the Whatcom Conservation District as District Manager. Brandy is an accomplished natural resource management professional and organizational leader with over 30 years of experience building strategic environmental partnerships and programs. She is passionate about solving problems through collaboration and programming that cultivates environmental stewardship in the adults and youth of today and tomorrow. Brandy recently served as the Director of Strategic Partnership through the King Conservation District where she successfully developed and oversaw a portfolio of community-based natural resource management initiatives and pilot projects such as Shore Friendly King County (accelerating marine shoreline stewardship through armor removal), the Puget Sound Conservation Districts Regional Forest Stewardship Pilot Program (scaling-up small lot forest stewardship for reduced land conversation), the Trees for Rail Partnership (aligning urban tree canopy and residential landscaping priorities), and the Trees and Stormwater Initiative (promoting the role of urban trees and forest cover in stormwater management).

Brandy also worked for the USDA Forest Service as a botanist and forestry technician and Washington State Parks as an Interpretive Naturalist. Brandy's educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Environmental and Outdoor Education and a Masters of Education in Science Education, both from Western Washington University. Brandy is honored to be part of the highly dedicated and engaged team at the Whatcom Conservation District and is excited to work on behalf of Whatcom County residents and the District's local and regional partners. Brandy enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors on foot and on skis with family and friends and enhancing the carrying capacity of her urban lot by planting native plants and food plants and mulching.

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Dawn Bekenyi

Dawn Bekenyi

Administrative Assistant

Dawn has been with the District since November 1991. She is the office quarterback- some of her responsibilities include bookkeeping , clerical support, and reception. Dawn is another long time Whatcom County resident- having attended Ferndale High and Whatcom Community College. She is a big fan of baseball and rodeos.

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Andrew Phay

Andrew Phay

GIS Technician / Cartographer / IT Admin

Andrew came to the District straight from Western Washington University where he majored in environmental planning and minored in GIS. His cartographic and GIS skills have been used on most of the projects that have been done at the District. Andrew is the in-house network troubleshooter, database manager and the Webmaster for this website. Working along side NSEA Personnel, Andrew has also worked on stream projects with local schools. It allows the students to get a different look at the area around their schools and homes while helping them plan their projects.

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Habitat Restoration


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Frank Corey

Resource Coordinator - Riparian Restoration

Frank Corey joined the District staff January 5, 2004 to coordinate riparian restoration projects in cooperation with Whatcom County Public Works. Frank will be coordinating the activities of two Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department crews working to re-establish native plants on drainage and flood control projects.
Frank spent the last four years working for the Washington Conservation Corps, implementing riparian restoration projects for the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association. Before that he spent many years growing and planting trees in nurseries and as a landscaper.
A Thurston County native, Frank has lived in Whatcom County for 20 years. As a child he split his summers between his grandparent’s 100 year old dairy farm in Oregon and his family property on the upper Nooksack River. After finishing Olympia High School, Frank earned an Associate of Science degree in Landscape Horticulture from South Puget Sound Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Western Washington University.


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Wayne Chaudiere

Natural Resource Specialist - CREP/Firewise

Wayne has been with the District since 1996. His responsibilities at the District include Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) project management, geographic information system (GIS) mapping and technical assistance for manure composting, farm planning and compliance with the County's Critical Areas Ordinance. Education and experience include a B.S. in Forestry, international resource management as a Peace Corps volunteer, stream restoration, agroforestry, forestry, forest surveying and road design and water quality and quantity monitoring.


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Emily Hirsch

Natural Resource Specialist

Emily joined the District early in 2010 as the Plant Sale Intern and liked it so much she asked if she could stick around. Emily has assisted the District in several programs including monitoring CREP project sites, updating internal and state database records and conducting a survey of Whatcom County Ag for the WSDA.
Emily, a Midwest native, has a BS in both Biology and Geology from Western Kentucky University and moved to Bellingham in 2000. Prior to joining the District, Emily worked as a wetland ecologist for a private consulting firm. There she assisted clients with meeting land use objectives where critical areas and species are present. She has conducted numerous field investigations to delineate and characterize wetlands and streams in a variety of environments and worked with local, state and federal agencies.
She has also served as a Remediation System Operator and Environmental Technician for a Groundwater Extraction, Treatment and Recharge System and two Fuel Extraction Systems on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. She became a full-time employee in 2011, and continues to provide support for a variety of projects and offer her experience as a wetland specialist to the district.


Farm Planning


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Corina Cheever

Conservation Planning Coordinator - Farm Planning

Corina joined the District in 2011. She is here to assist landowners by providing technical assistance, farm plans and to answer other resource management questions. In her years at the District, Corina has been a part of the research team, assisted our engineer, helped with outreach and transitioned to coordinator for the farm planning team. Corina grew up in Snohomish County and graduated from Western Washington University where she spent four years earning a Bachelor of Science in Geology and exploring Whatcom County on foot, bike, and skis. During summer of 2014, she completed a bicycle trip across the US seeing the incredible beauty of the southern states.


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Dakota Stranik

Resource Specialist, Livestock Planner & Engineering Technician

Dakota joined the District in January 2019. She works in support of our local dairy farmers, assisting with Nutrient Management Planning. Dakota was born and raised in Alaska where she enjoyed fishing, skiing, and trail running. She earned her degree from Cornell University in 2010. After graduation she spent five months traveling solo by bicycle from New York to Colorado, exploring various aspects of agriculture on both small and large scale farms. She settled in the Denver area and worked for four years designing and managing small scale urban produce farms, and in 2016 she founded her own small farm in Ferndale.


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Pauline Chiquet

Resource Specialist, Farm Planner

Pauline joined the District in 2021 as a Farm Planner in support of our local non-dairy farmers and landowners. After graduating from Yale University in 2015, she decided to pursue a career in food and agriculture. Pauline received a certificate in farm management, with a focus on small-scale vegetable and livestock operations, from the Organic Farm School on Whidbey Island, WA in 2018. In 2019 she opened her own farm in the Skagit Valley. Since then she has served as a consultant for farmers and gardeners, with a particular focus on fertility management and soil best practices in regenerative systems.


Research Program

Research Program


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Scarlett Graham, M.S.

Conservation Research Specialist

Scarlett joined the District in 2016 as the Conservation Research Specialist. She provides technical assistance and research support to various programs through designing field studies, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting research findings. One of the main programs she supports is the Washington Discovery Farms®, where she works with dairy producers to conduct edge-of-field water quality monitoring.

She received M.S. in Environmental Science and Toxicology from Western Washington University in 2016. She spent 8 years working in the private sector as an environmental consultant before migrating to Western Washington.

Research Program


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Cynthia May

Water Quality Data Coordinator

Cynthia May joined the District in June 2022 as the Water Quality Data Coordinator. In her role, Cynthia helps local partners use data to focus watershed cleanup efforts. Cynthia’s multi-faceted career includes water quality advocacy, outreach, and science. Before joining the District, she developed Lake Whatcom water quality outreach programs for the City of Bellingham.

Cynthia grew up in rural Vermont on a small hobby farm and learned at an early age about the connections between land management and water quality. She received a Master of Environmental Science degree from the Yale School of the Environment in 2006 with a focus on water science. When not at work, she loves spending time with her husband and two sons exploring local trails, cross country skiing in British Columbia, gardening, and making pizza for friends and family.

Research Program



John Porco

Research Intern

John joined the District in late 2021 as an edge of field monitoring intern. He is a fourth year student at Western Washington University looking to graduate soon with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. John grew up in Spokane with a passion for the outdoors and fell in love with the natural beauty of Whatcom County when he moved to Bellingham for school. He is excited to apply the skills he has learned in his education to doing real-world work improving Whatcom County. In addition to his deep care for the environment, John is a big fan of video games and hockey; he is especially excited about the Seattle Kraken.

Education & Outreach


Outreach & Education


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Aneka Sweeney, M.Ed.,

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Aneka joined the district in 2014 to strengthen the community outreach and sustainable education programs. Aneka works to enhance impact of district programs by working directly with community groups, school districts, state, county and city government as well as non-profit organizations to further the mission of Whatcom Conservation District.

A native of western Colorado, Aneka earned a bachelor’s of science in Biology with a minor in Environmental Restoration from Colorado Mesa University in 2001. She then spent eight years as a Biological Science Technician for the USDA Forest Service in the Sierra Nevada of California. She moved to Bellingham in 2008 to pursue a Masters of Education in Environmental Studies through Western Washington University. After earning her degree in 2010 Aneka established and coordinated a youth environmental leadership program for North Cascades Institute, training the next generation of conservation stewards before starting with the District.

Outreach & Education


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Alexi Guddal

Education & Outreach Technician

Alexi joined the District in 2021 as an Education and Outreach Technician following her passions in conservation and community collaboration. She grew up near Mount Rainier National Park on a small hobby farm. Her passion for wildlife led her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Western Washington University. She fell in love with Whatcom County and continued to work for the university for several years as a Program Coordinator before beginning her Master of Arts in Biology with focuses in conservation and community outreach from the Advanced Inquiry Program, a partnership between the Woodland Park Zoo and Miami University. She then joined the district to continue working towards fostering community-based conservation in Whatcom County.

Outreach & Education


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Jenny Coe

Resource Specialist, Community Wildfire Resilience

Jenny initially joined the Whatcom Conservation District in early 2017 to take on the newly revamped Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program, but in 2019 she was able to restart the Community Wildfire Risk Reduction Program and has transferred into a new role.

Jenny is serving both Skagit and Whatcom counties as the Community Wildfire Resilience Coordinator. This is not a new field of work for her as she previously spent 15 years working at the Skagit Conservation District coordinating a similar program. Jenny built lasting partnerships throughout Washington State and around the nation in this line of work and is well-respected for her leadership and ability to empower communities and partners to work collaboratively to build resilience. She is looking forward to continuing this work and building the capacity for resilience within communities throughout Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

Jenny has also spent time working on other programs over the years such as CREP, forest health programs, youth education, outreach, and public relations.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her partner and 3 kids, enjoying the outdoors, taking dance classes, and appreciating all that is great about Bellingham and Whatcom County.

Outreach & Education


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Ryan O'Connor

Resource Specialist, HIP Project Coordinator

Ryan O’Connor is our HIP Project Coordinator for the HIP target program. Ryan is a Western Washington Native and has a deep appreciation for nature and how lucky we are to live in the great PNW. Ryan received his bachelor’s degree in Geology from WWU. He served as an environmental field technician for the Upper Skagit Tribe specializing in water/air quality and salmon habit restoration. Ryan spent several years as a geologist and WABO/ICC certified special inspector for a geotechnical, environmental, and testing lab in Bellingham. Ryan has experience coordinating with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as local contractors and landowners on everything from large scale civil projects to small rural developments. He is a journeyman electrician, mountain biker, gearhead, and a 20 year Bellingham resident. As a Lake Whatcom watershed resident, he enjoys spending time with his three kids, and travelling to anywhere with a view of the ocean.