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Conservation Stories: Roger Edmonds

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Roger Edmonds has been an active member of the Whatcom County equine community for many years, serving as a founding board member of the Friends of Sunset Farm Park, member of the Whatcom County draft horse drill team, and current vice president of the Whatcom County Backcountry Horsemen. It has been really great working with Roger to put on workshops as part of our Farm Speaker Series. He has also taken advantage of the Conservation District planning services and poultry processing equipment rental, and now with our landowner spotlight program.

"I have been in Whatcom county since 1995. I got here from the Midwest via Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos, Belize and the Solomon Islands. I met my wife in The Caymans and her family is just across the border in B.C. so this is the closest we could get and still live in the US. We bought our first farm outside of Blaine in 1999.

First were the goats, then chickens, then we added horses and realized we had outgrown the 5 acres. We bought the 17.5 acres outside of Custer and built the house, shop and barn on it. On this farm I would like to raise some more Clydesdales, more meat chickens and grow the best hay that I can. We did a farm plan on our first property but did not really utilize it.

Track Paddocks, like the one pictured above are large, long corridors that circle the perimeter of a pasture or other area. The goal of a track paddock is to encourage horses to move about more freely and interact with each other. This practice can help keep horses entertained throughout the year!

Wiser and smarter now, I have been trying to take advantage of every aspect of the Whatcom CD that I can, from the monetary grants to the educational seminars and even just advice. The Whatcom CD has been so helpful to me that I recommend them to all my farming friends. Most of the things that I am putting into practice are new so I have only begun to see the effects but hope to see more as they become solidified." -Roger Edmonds

Whatcom CD farm planners are here to assist you. To learn what opportunities we offer in addition to FREE and confidential farm planning services visit:

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