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Conservation Stories: Rebecca Cayen

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Hats off to Rebecca Cayen, a Columbia Valley resident who is leading the charge to make her community safer from wildfire and help ensure clean air for everyone in the valley. Rebecca has helped secure over $14,500 in grant funding over the last two years to be able to offer the community FREE chipping services (both at a central location and door to door) to homeowners doing pruning, thinning, and windstorm clean-up on their properties to reduce their wildfire risk.

This also provides a great alternative to burning brush which causes major air quality issues for the valley. Rebecca herself volunteered over 125 hours to organize and manage all these chipping events, and other volunteers were key in helping the disabled and elderly get their piles ready for the chipper. Visit our Wildfire Info pages for more on reducing wildfire risk on your property:

Columbia Valley Chipping Event

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