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Final Proposal Ranking || Homesteader Creek Riparian Restoration Project

Five proposals were received from qualified contractors for Homesteader Creek Riparian Restoration Project. A team of Whatcom Conservation District and Whatcom County staff ranked each proposal using the rating criteria published in the Homesteader Creek Riparian Restoration Project Request for Proposals:

1. Specific Work Plan

2. Schedule

3. Experience with Riparian Restoration

4. Qualifications of Key Staff

5. Customer References

6. Landowner Preference

7. Total Cost

A maximum score of 200 is possible.

Contractor Rating

1. Salix Cooperative: 190

2. Squalicum Mtn. Ecological Restoration, Inc.: 166

3. Matia Contractors, Inc.: 150

4. Excavation West, Inc.: 145

5. Terra Dynamics, Inc.: 128


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