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Long Range Plan

2023-2027 Long range plan

The Whatcom Conservation District invites you to complete this short survey of 11 questions to help shape the ongoing and future conservation focus of the District.  

Conservation Districts were established to carry out conservation programs for current and future generations. The Whatcom Conservation District has supported the residents of Whatcom County since 1946 through voluntary land management programs that protect water quality, conserve soil, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.  While the District has worked with rural agricultural landowners since its inception, we have grown in recent years to include support to urban, suburban, and rural residential landowners and land managers on conserving those same resources.  Looking to the future, the District sees an increasing role in sustainable land management, a need to take-up the climate resiliency challenge, and opportunity to address emerging conservation priorities. 

Your thoughts about the ongoing and future conservation focus of the District are welcomed and encouraged. This survey is a starting place to hear from you and begin a conversation.

What is a Conservation District (CD)?


What does the Whatcom CD do?

Five Year Plan
Annual Plan
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What do other CD's do?

Whatcom CD would like to learn how to better serve our community. Please take a moment to provide feedback on the programs, activities and services you think we should offer.
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