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Conservation Stories: Tristin & Derek Stanbro

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with Whatcom CD? Read on to learn about Tristin and Derek and their Farm Planning experience!

Q: How long have you lived in Whatcom County? A: Derek and I are born and raised in Whatcom county. We purchased this property in November 2019. We enjoy the outdoors and appreciate having the ocean and mountains so close by.

Q: What types of animals are you raising? A: We have 3 horses and some chickens, currently.

Q: How did you first learn about the Whatcom CD? A: I heard from a friend the conservation district could come out and help with making a farm plan. I was very excited because we were unsure what we were doing being new land owners with livestock! From there Corina helped us come up with a plan and introduced us to the cost share program. Corina has been so helpful and kind! Very thankful for her and the program.

Q:When you first started working with Whatcom CD, what was your initial impression of the prescribed farm plan or Best Management Practices? A: It was a lot of info to digest but very straight forward and we had a very clear cut plan! It felt good to get started on managing our pastures and waterways.

Q: What aspects of the Farm Planning program were you most interested in? A: The cost share program was very exciting! We really had no plan or idea on how to manage the immense amount of water flowing through our property and how to keep the waste out of it. Having access to this resource was a huge asset in the development of our property.

Q: What changes have you noticed, now that you have installed Best Management Practices on your property? A: LESS MUD has been truly amazing. Having a designated manure bunker has also been a huge game changer. My animals are happier being out of the filth and waste and clean and dry through the winter.

Q: Were there aspects of Farm Plan that surprised you? A: I didn’t realize that our water run off could potentially harm shellfish in the ocean. I also learned so much about manure management and how it can be repurposed to fertilize your pastures.

Q: Would you recommend working with Whatcom CD? A: Absolutely! Having the vast amount of resources and knowledge available through the staff at the district is incredible. It was a very effortless process working with the district and we are so very grateful!

Click here to learn more about the Whatcom CD Farm Planning program.

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