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Conservation Stories: Jackie Yereance and Bill Dalzell

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

As the Treasurer for Whatcom County Backcountry Horsemen, Jackie Yereance and her husband Bill Dalzell, have shown great leadership in creating and maintaining trails and trail access for the equine community in Whatcom County. They keep four horses on their ten acres in the Chuckanut Creek watershed, and from their own home site, access miles of trails in the Chuckanuts that they have helped Whatcom County to develop and maintain as equine accessible.

As a result of the Whatcom Conservation District's growing partnership with Whatcom County Backcountry Horsemen, Jackie met conservation planner Katie Pencke, and invited her to collaborate on a custom conservation plan for their home and animals. As a result of this free and confidential custom planning work, Jackie and Bill continued the collaboration with a complimentary pasture soil test, manure spreader loans, small farm rebate for barn gutters, and small farm grant for manure storage bunker and barn and heavy use area storm water management.

"What I like is that the Whatcom Conservation District - instead of being regulatory and forcing people to do thing - they offer to help. It's not a punishment, it's an enticement."

- Jackie Yereance

"For us it was an impetus to do work we had wanted to do for a long time. It made it possible for us to do these projects that someone else could pick up part of the cost. "

- Bill Dalzell

Story by Katie Pencke

Photos by Gabriella Mednick

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