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Conservation Stories: Amanda Boblet

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

In 2014, Amanda and her husband Shane purchased their ten acre farm in Ferndale. On this new site, Amanda, Shane and their three children raise two sows and a yearly litter of piglets, two beef cattle, three horses, chickens, vegetables, and a hay crop. They process the majority of their own meat on site, and have been refining their pig breeding program to produce beautiful Hereford meat pigs, which they took to the fair for the first time this year. Their site is in the Jordan Creek watershed and after listening to lots of neighbors' opinions about Whatcom CD services, Amanda decided to give us a call and see what it's all about.

One year later the Boblet family has taken advantage of custom planning, a complimentary pasture soil test, manure spreader loan, and a small farm grant for a new manure storage bunker.

They have seen their hay crop double, and the manure storage bunker makes their pile easier to cover in winter and turn in summer before spreading on pastures. The bunker storage has also shortened the amount of time it takes for their manure to break down into usable compost. Amanda encourages other livestock managers to reach out to the CD for free, confidential, and non-regulatory support. "If you are on the fence about calling the Conservation District just do it! It has been nothing but positive." To her support team at the Conservation District she writes, "Thank you again for all your help and everything you've helped us achieve on our farm."

We here at the Conservation District are equally inspired by Amanda and the way she and Shane are raising their own food, while teaching the next generation of land managers the values of self sufficiency and resource conservation!

Story by Katie Pencke Photos by Gabriella Mednick


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