Plant Sale Confirmation Page

Things to know:

  • Plant descriptions can be found on WCD’s website
  • Pre-order purchases are now made online, paper orders are not accepted this year.  
  • A $100 minimum purchase is required.  This online store will allow orders of any amount.  However, please help us keep prices as low as possible and comply with the minimum requirement.  Smaller quantities of plants can be purchased at the March 23rd open sale.
  • Please use your credit card to place your order.  Payment for pre-orders is by credit card only.
  • Pre-orders are a great way to secure your plants and save time at the March 23rd open sale.
  • At the open sale, plants are sold individually on a first-come, first-served basis.  The price per plant is the same as a pre-order.



I have read the information about the WCD Plant Sale above


I understand that orders not meeting the $100 minimum will be declined at the discretion of the Conservation District. If declined, a full refund will be issued.





Please call if you have questions or need more assistance - 360-526-2381


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