Landowner Spotlight

Landowner Spotlight: Larissa & Jonathan Ullberg

Larissa, Jonathan, & Demrie Ullberg

Larissa and Jonathan Ullberg moved to their current farm with big dreams. They wanted property and enough space for their kids to play, to grow their own food, and to be able to raise horses too. However, making their dreams a reality was initially very daunting and overwhelming before they reached out to Whatcom CD for help.

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Watershed Watcher Volunteer Spotlight - Briana & Joe Peck


Briana & Joe Peck standing in front of Birch Bay

Briana and Joe Peck have lived in Whatcom county for 14 years and in the Salish Breeze neighborhood since 2015. They love their wild neighbors, like herons, gulls, eagles and harbor seals. They also do their part to protect those neighbors by reporting pollution and cleaning up trash along beaches and roadways as Watershed Watchers. 

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Landowner Spotlight: Tristin & Derek Stanbro

Landowner Spotlight: Tristin Stanbro

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with Whatcom CD?
Read on to learn about Tristin and Derek and their Farm Planning experience!

Q: How long have you lived in Whatcom County?
A: Derek and I are born and raised in Whatcom county. We purchased this property in November 2019.
We enjoy the outdoors and appreciate having the ocean and mountains so close by.

Q: What types of animals are you raising?
A: We have 3 horses and some chickens, currently.

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Landowner Spotlight: Roger Edmonds

Roger Edmonds and his horse.

Roger Edmonds has been an active member of the Whatcom County equine community for many years, serving as a founding board member of the Friends of Sunset Farm Park, member of the Whatcom County draft horse drill team, and current vice president of the Whatcom County Backcountry Horsemen. It has been really great working with Roger to put on workshops as part of our Farm Speaker Series. He has also taken advantage of the Conservation District planning services and poultry processing equipment rental, and now with our landowner spotlight program.

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