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Dairy Nutrient Management Plan

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We have created a NEW and dedicated website for Dairy Nutrient Management Plans and all the information you need. Click HERE to be redirected to that website.

Nutrient management is the practice of utilizing your on farm nutrients (manure) in a way that maximizes forage and crop growth, protects natural resources (soil, water, and air), and increases the efficiency and productivity of your farm. Manure should not be viewed as waste product, but rather as a valuable nutrient asset that when used responsibly, can increase the tilth and productivity of your soil, maximize crop and forage growth, and reduce the import of chemical fertilizer onto your farm.


The Objective of Nutrient Management
  • Supply nutrients to plants in ways that will optimize forage and crop yields

  • Minimize the entry of nutrients to surface and ground water as well as the air

  • Maintain or improve the chemical and biological condition of soil

What Is Needed for Nutrient Management
  • Systems for collecting, storing, and applying manure

  • Nutrient analysis - Soil and manure testing

  • Nutrient budgeting and balancing

  • Record keeping

  • Resource and critical area protection

  • Adaptive management

Thinking of applying manure? Start here:
  • ARM Weather Map - Click here for a map of the current risk associated with manure application. Check here before you apply.

  • Application Risk Management (ARM) - Looking to apply early this year? Is your lagoon full and you need emergency application help? Want to reduce your risk of having a runoff event? Start here with our Application Risk Management System!

  • Manure Application Considerations - Every farmer should know the conditions that optimize their manure application and utilization. Get the most out of your applications while keeping your resources clean and safe by following the application guidance.


Looking to pick up a new field to apply manure to? Need additional acres to balance your nutrient budget? Make sure you have a Manure Transfer Agreement in place.


Want to know what the trend in precipitation has been this year? Interested in how the weather effects your nutrient management? Click HERE to learn more.



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