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Have you ever wondered if that slab run-off should be a concern? Is that drain connected to the ditch? Are my field tiles conveying bacteria? Is my roof water actually dirty? 

Whatcom CD is here to help you answer those questions and more with Coliscan water quality testing!

Working with farm planners will connect you with resources to get your job done. Call (360) 526-2385, email, or fill out our Coliscan Sampling Interest Form to get started today! 

Image of Agar Plate with text: What is Coliscan? Coliscan is a method for monitoring E.coli bacteria, which is a species of fecal coliform bacteria. Ecoli bacteria comes from poop and can cause serious illness in people and animals
Image of horses with text: Why use Coliscan? Coliscan allows you to have peace of mind by providing a quick, and confidential method of validating your farm stewardship. Plus the process is easy. We take the test and process the results for you.
Image of WCD Staff Sampling: Use our Coliscan Sampling Interest Form to connect with a staff person at the Whatcom CD that can help you sample!
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