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Conservation Stories: Kim Brooke

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Woman standing next to tree
Kim Brooke next to her 20 year old Birch Tree from the Whatcom CD Native Plant Sale

It is incredible what a plant can do in the space of 20 years. Kim Brooke has been buying plants from the Whatcom Conservation District plant sale for that long. Across her sheep farm she has planted native tree and shrub buffers along her property line, and more ornamental native plants around her property. Planting one area at a time, you can see trees and plants from the Plant Sale at varying stages of their lives. From 30 foot trees to newly planted saplings.

Two birch tree photos one of a large tree and the other of a sapling
Two paper birch trees bought by Kim Brooke at the Whatcom CD Native Plant Sale. The left tree was planted 20 years ago and the birch on the right was planted 3 years ago.

Kim raises sheep and chickens on a property near the Lake Terrell Wildlife Area. The high water table helps Kim’s native plants thrive, brightening her farm and helping manage her water. Native plants an provide many positive benefits to your property and the natural environment such as improved water quality, enhanced fish and wildlife habitat, reduction of wind and soil erosion, cleaner air, reduction of energy costs, and beautification of your property.

Learn more about the Whatcom Conservation District Native Plant Sale and how Native Plants can help your farm or property on our website. To get updates on the Native Plant Sale, sign up for our monthly E-News or annual calendar.

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