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Conservation Stories: Haphazard Homesteading

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Casi, Chamisa, Abigail, and Brian are an extended family that moved to Whatcom County in 2018 ready to start their farm journey. And what a journey! They have a small breeding herd of Low-line Angus and Angus crossed with Belted Galloway cows, pigs, poultry, a market garden, and new for 2019, a seasonal self-serve road-side farm stand on the Aldrich Road.

After meeting the Whatcom Conservation District at the 2019 Small Farm Expo, the family reached out and requested free and confidential custom planning services. "For me it's been great to get overall ideas of how to be better stewards, " describes Casi. "We got cows and pigs as a family to be more self-sustaining and decrease our impact on the environment. But we didn't know what sustainable management looked like. Through talking to lots of other mentors and the Whatcom Conservation District we learned better ways to farm and better farm practices. The Whatcom Conservation District is knowledgeable and patient. There is no fear or judgement in working with them - only suggestions and assistance."

Thank you Haphazard Homestead for inspiring us with your model of community building around locally produced food. We look forward to working with you as you renovate this historic Whatcom County farm, build soil, repair the Silver Creek stream, and grow food for your community.

Story by Katie Pencke Photos by Gabriella Mednick

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