Small Farm Incentives

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Whatcom Conservation District Small Grants Program

The Whatcom Conservation District and Whatcom County Public Works have partnered together to bring a funding opportunity to manure producers in priority water quality watersheds of Whatcom County. Small grants up to $3000 are available for eligible Best Management Practices on farms who have completed a site assessment and have developed a Farm Plan with WCD farm planning staff.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. 360-526-2381

Soil Testing for Pastures, Haylands and Croplands

Get a jumpstart on your nutrient management and learn more about your soil. Soil testing is a great way to find out how last years nutient application lined up with what the crop needed to grow. A fall soil test can also help the planning process for what to apply next growing season. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. 360-526-2381

Tarps to Cover Manure Piles

If you have farm animals, manure happens. Covering your manure pile can increase the internal temperature speeding up the break down process of the material, killing parasites and retain your nutrients in the pile instead of the rains transporting them away. If you are interested in a free tarp to cover your manure pile, please contact us. 360-526-2381

Whatcom County Public Works Small Farm Improvements Rebate Program

COMING SOON, June 2018

Stay tuned for launch date and eligible events.