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Wildflowers in a field]

Wildflower Seed Mix

A special wildflower mix. Not all native to the Whatcom County. Mix includes perennials, annuals and biennials in a range of colors.



When deciding where to plant your wildflower seeds select an area in your yard that is clear of competing vegetation and receives full sun most of the day. If necessary you can till the soil to turn over grasses and cover crops. Use a rake to rough up the soil, and broadcast seeds evenly over the area into the top ½ inch of soil. The most important step to remember is to ensure that the planted area is watered and the soil remains moist for 2-3 weeks after planting. After the wildflowers become established they need only occasional watering.




For more even broadcasting, try mixing the seeds into some sand before throwing them onto the ground.

Watch out for birds! They will surely love to eat the seeds before they germinate, if necessary, you can cover the ground with bird netting.

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