Water Quality Testing Results

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The above map shows the most current fecal coliform numbers for individual watersheds in Whatcom County and the corresponding risk level. Click on an individual watershed to get more information. Definitions: ID = The monitoring station ID and corresponding waterway. Sample Date = the date on which the fecal coliform sample was taken that corresponds to the risk rating. Fecal Coliform = the FC count measured in the sample in units of number per 100 ml. Level of Concern = Low (less than 100 FC/100ml), Medium (100-199 FC/100ml), High (200-999 FC/100ml), Extreme (>1000 FC/100ml). % of Total Watershed = the total area of the watershed that the sampling station represents.

Prior to 2016, different Low/Medium/High/Extreme categories were used, which you will notice in the popups, but not the coloring.