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Watershed Watcher Spotlight - Briana & Joe Peck

Briana & Joe Peck standing in front of Birch Bay

Briana and Joe Peck have lived in Whatcom county for 14 years and in the Salish Breeze neighborhood since 2015. They love their wild neighbors, like herons, gulls, eagles and harbor seals. They also do their part to protect those neighbors by reporting pollution and cleaning up trash along beaches and roadways as Watershed Watchers.

“We love it here, every time I take a walk I am grateful.” -Briana Peck "We love the eagles and herons in our back yard, we bring a trash bag wherever we go!" - Joe Peck

They have been especially passionate about the 4th of July cleanup effort. “The sheer amount of trash left on the beach by people is heartbreaking. We literally removed thousands of pounds of debris from the beaches. How do we go about changing this?” -Briana Peck

We are so thankful for passionate and dedicated Watershed Watchers like Briana and Joe, making time to care for their community. There are two main ways to volunteer as a Watershed Watcher:

  • Report stormwater problems associated with drainage, pollution, erosion, infrastructure, maintenance needs, and illegal dumping.

  • Adopt-a-Block (or beach!) to help keep your community free of trash and debris.BBWARM Logo

“This is our town, I want it to look nice, and to not harm the animals in the process. We just want people around us to take care of this place regardless if they live here or not” –Briana Peck


Want to learn more about BBWARM and Watershed Watchers? Visit the BBWARM website.

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