Associate Supervisors Announcement

 Whatcom Conservation District Board of Supervisors


The Whatcom Conservation District (WCD) is soliciting applications for Associate Supervisors to assist the WCD Board of Directors in ensure that District programs effectively meet the priority natural resource needs of Whatcom County. Since 1946, the District has worked to foster a healthy, sustainable relationship between people and the environment.  Historically, efforts focused on working with the agricultural community, yet recently has shifted focus on requests to rural residential and urban areas.  This is due to our reputation in successfully working with private landowners in our non-regulatory capacity, not only to meet their objectives, but as good stewards to benefit their neighbors and community. If sustaining farmland while protecting the environment is important to you please consider, becoming an associate supervisor of the Whatcom Conservation District. 

Like all conservation districts, WCD is governed by a board of five supervisors, who are all local residents. The district board meets at 1pm on the second Thursday of every month, to discuss the activities of the district, including best management practice funding for landowners, district conservation priorities, and coordination with other agencies and stakeholders. In addition, supervisors are community leaders in natural resource management, providing guidance and information to their friends and neighbors.

Who is a good candidate to be an associate district supervisor? Someone who has an awareness of local conservation issues, interest in developing management strategies, and is willing to contribute their time.  Apart from the satisfaction of knowing that you are among many others helping your county conserve its natural resources for future generations, there is no compensation.  Associates will be reimbursed for travel, food and lodging if authorized for work authorized by the Board.  This may include, for example, attending the annual meeting of Washington State Conservation Districts.

Interested, come meet the board at any of the upcoming meetings (1pm on the second Thursday of the month) or download an application from our website at:


Thank you for your interest.




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