If you missed it, here is a recap of JNK Llama Day

chuck at booth

JNK Llama Farm in Bellingham, Washington held its 9th annual Llama and Alpaca Information and Education Workshop at their site on Sand Road this past June 11th. This event was open to the public and catered to anybody who wanted to learn more about owning or taking care of camelids. Classes were taught by a variety of professionals and covered topics including veterinary information, grooming and shearing basics, fiber demonstrations, basic training and more.

boothWhatcom Conservation District staff Chuck Timblin and Katie Pencke led classes on pasture management, and farm planning 101, respectively. The two Conservation District presentations were well received. Folks learned how to be better grass farmers from Chuck’s presentation and got hands on experience identifying forages and toxic plants commonly found in pastures.

In the farm planning class, folks from counties all over the state, as well as from British Columbia, were able clear up a number of misconceptions about Conservation Districts and how we operate. Farm planning services from your local conservation District are voluntary, free and confidential. We are here to help you learn about the local laws that protect natural resources like water and soil, while also helping you achieve goals for your own farm whether economic, production or personal enjoyment.

Did you miss the workshop but are interested in speaking with a farm planner or having one visit your site? Please contact us at 360.526.2381 and we would love to talk with you. Or are you interested in partnering with the Whatcom Conservation to host a livestock species specific farm field day at your farm? Reach out to Katie Pencke, Resource Specialist with the Whatcom Conservation District, and let us know you are out there. We are looking for hosts for farm and pasture field days, as part of the Whatcom Farmers for Clean Water initiative, and would like to talk more with you about what this would entail.



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