Dick Yoder - 11 years of service

dick yoder

At the May Board meeting, Dick Yoder was honored for his eleven years of dedicated service assisting land managers with their conservation choices.

His leadership and vision helped guide the district in building its programs to serve the natural resource needs of Whatcom County citizens. “Dick led by example” said George Boggs, Whatcom CD Executive Director. “He got involved because he felt people shouldn’t just complain… they should do something to make things better”. When WSU eliminated the Whatcom Dairy Advisor he supported the creation of a District research position to ensure livestock operators had water quality protection options that wouldn’t drive them out of business.

Dick has lived and farmed in Whatcom County for 50 years; starting in dairy and vegetable production and now a beef farmer with a herd of registered Herefords.  He has also been active in the Whatcom County Ag Advisory Committee, National Hereford Association, as well as the Whatcom County and Washington State Cattlemen Associations.

We are thankful for over a decade of faithful commitment to the districts mission and wish him only the best in future years.

Theresa Sygitowicz is acceding to Dicks place on the Board.  Her three-year term begins June 9th.


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