District Employee Receives Statewide Recognition

George Boggs, Executive Director of the Whatcom Conservation District for 16 years, was recognized in 2012 by the Washington Association of District Employees (WADE) and by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

WADE 2012 Employee of the Year

WADE presented George with the 2012 Employee of the Year for excellence in leadership and his efforts to advance conservation ideals.  George was nominated for his ability to work effectively with leaders from conservation districts, agencies, industry leaders, and individual agricultural producers.  One nominator said, “His efforts have led to exceptional steps forward to meeting water quality improvements in his District and elsewhere in Washington and the United States.”  His exceptional ability to communicate and describe problems, resolutions and actions have led to increased awareness and funding for conservation districts.

NRCS 2012 Individual Partnership Award

George also received the NRCS 2012 Individual Partnership Award at the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) annual meeting.  George received this award for his passion for conservation and his continued tradition of excellent leadership this year.  He served as an advisor to NRCS in developing concepts and practical application alternatives for the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Partnership funding.  George was an advocate for the Partnership among Districts in the Puget Sound and worked within his own community to identify and develop viable projects for salmon recovery.  Due largely to his efforts, four partner projects and two individual applications were funded in Whatcom County.  The Whatcom CD will be providing technical assistance as leverage to NRCS technical and financial assistance to open up 6 miles of fish habitat and provide nearly 5 acres of buffers in the Nooksack and Samish watersheds.  Two at-risk waste storage structures near fish-bearing streams will also be decommissioned.

George said of this award, “In my opinion, we cover up George Boggs with the names of all of my colleagues – your names.  Every one of you are as passionate and contribute as much if not much more.  So, in accepting this honor I do so on your behalf.”

George Recieving Award2012 National Conservation Outstanding District Professional

On January 29th, George was honored with the 2012 National Conservation Outstanding District Professional award by the National Conservation District Employees Association (NCDEA) at the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) annual meeting in San Antonio, TX.  The purpose of the award is to recognize the professionalism and dedication in the people behind the nation's conservation district programs. “These nominees are not only district professionals - they are people that truly believe in conserving the natural resources and making the world a better place.” There are more than 7,000 conservation district employees across the United States and its Territories. The award truly is a distinguished honor.

The WCD Staff thank George for his consummate leadership and dedicated service.  


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