Preparing for Wildfire in Whatcom County

It is not a question of “if” wildfires will occur but “when” they will occur.

Fire has always played a prominent role in the Pacific Northwest forests.  Long before this landscape was developed, fires were a natural result of frequent summer thunder storms. However, years of fire suppression have resulted in fuel conditions that have the potential to create intense wildfires.

Many homes built in or near woodlands would not survive an intense wildfire. Preventative measures taken before a wildfire occurs can greatly improve survivability of people and homes. The Firewise Program encourages actions that help us live more safely in a fire prone environment.

Communities that follow a five-step program to protect their homes and community against the threat of wildfire are eligible to receive official Firewise Communities USA recognition status and the honor of proudly displaying their own high-profile signage and many other benefits. Funding may be available to assist with fuel reduction activities on private forested lands and in communities that have organized under the Firewise Program. Please contact Whatcom Conservation District for more information about the Firewise Program, how to become a recognized Firewise Community and how to reduce the risks of wildfire.

Firewise Brochure


For more info:

Firewise    WA Dept of Natural Resources


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