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Many agricultural lands in lowland Whatcom County are located within Special Districts charged with maintaining drainage of many watercourses.  View an interactive map here to see where Drainage Districts are located throughout agricultural areas of Whatcom County.

Most Drainage Districts have undertaken a long term planning process in the last few years and now have a Drainage Management Plan and permits in place for the next 5 years.

Criteria for Drainage Management Plans can be found in the Drainage Management Guide for Whatcom County Drainage Improvement Districts.  Included in this Guide is a step by step process to creating a custom Plan for Drainage Districts and a series of Factsheets providing easy access to information about permitting, best management practices and other relevant topics.

Drainage Management Plan

Google map of DIDs

Find out what District you live in!


Butler Ditch District   CDID #1 
 (Bulter Ditch near Lake Terrell)     (Duffner Ditch, Fishtrap Creek)
 DID #2    DID #3
 (Schneider Ditch)   (Fourmile Creek)
 DID #5   DID #6
(Cougar Creek, Wiser Lake area)   (Cougar Creek tributaries,
Pole Ed area)
 DID #7   DID #15 
 (California Creek, Custer area)   (Saar Creek, Mud Slough)
 DID #17   CDID #20 
 (Campbell Creek, Tarte Ditch)   (Kamm Creek, Morman Ditch,
Stickney Slough)
 CDID #21   DID #30 
 (Scott Ditch, Elder Ditch)   (Silver Creek, Andreason Ditch)
 DID #30a   CDID #31 
 (South Fork Deer Creek)   (Johnson Creek)
 North Lynden WID  
(Fishtrap Creek, Double Ditch,
Bender Ditch, Benson Ditch,
Depot Ditch)
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