Landowner Spotlight: Larissa & Jonathan Ullberg

Larissa, Jonathan, & Demrie Ullberg

Larissa and Jonathan Ullberg moved to their current farm with big dreams. They wanted property and enough space for their kids to play, to grow their own food, and to be able to raise horses too. However, making their dreams a reality was initially very daunting and overwhelming before they reached out to Whatcom CD for help.

Larissa & Demrie in front of CREP plantings
Larissa loves that she is building habitat through the CREP program. The blue tube pictured here are protecting young native seedlings.

“Much of our property had been overrun with Himalayan Blackberries. I originally reached out to the Conservation District regarding their CREP program. I had no idea there were so many helpful resources available to landowners. I set up a farm visit and was pleasantly surprised by how supportive and helpful the staff member was. Our property needed a lot of work and it was a little intimidating to have someone come out to give us some guidance on what we should do next. Our farm visit was so great and we felt so supported and heard. Our follow-up experiences have all been the same: so helpful and supportive!” – Larissa Ullberg

So far, Whatcom CD has been able to partner with the Ullbergs through our CREP and Small Grants programs. The Small Grants  program was able to help fund a new manure storage and footing for the Ullberg’s heavy use area, which has improved their animal’s hoof health, eased their chores, and protected water quality. The portion of their property enrolled in the CREP program has restored and protected critical fish habitat, while protecting water quality and enhancing wildlife and pollinator habitat on their property.

The Ullberg's Heavy Use Area
The Ullberg’s improved heavy use area footing and manure storage. Both incorporate Best Management Practices.

“The plan and Best Management Practices all made sense to me, but we were not able to incorporate them all at once, which felt a little overwhelming. The staff at the Conservation District have reminded me frequently that this process is a marathon and not a sprint. Over time we have been able to incorporate those Best Management Practices for the better of our land and our animals. Improving the heavy use area in our horse paddocks has been a huge benefit to our horses. Their feet are healthier. We don't struggle with major bacterial or fungal issues in their hooves. They also actually enjoy the space, frequently choosing that area to take their naps. Previously, it would not have been possible for them to lay down in that area due to the mud build up.” – Larissa Ullberg

The Whatcom CD is excited to continue to work with Larissa and Jonathan, as their farm and family continue to grow. “Right now we have horses and ducks on the property but have a lot of dreams for what we could do in the future.” When asked if they would recommend working with Whatcom CD, Larissa replied, “Absolutely!”

To have us partner with you, to help make your dreams for your farm a reality, reach out to our Farm Planning Staff today: or 360-526-2381 x104. 

Larissa, Demrie, & one of their horses



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